Details for The Springs Youth Season Pass

Default Period: 10/01/2019 - 09/10/2020
Ages: 15 months to 60 years
Web Reg Available to:
Both Residents and Non Residents
Potential Fees:
Applied On or After 09/01/2019: Fees: $55.00  (Required)
Applied On or After 03/15/2020: Fees: $5.00  (Required)
Applied On or After 05/25/2020: Fees: $19.00  (Required)
Applicable discounts not applied and Taxes included in price.
An Aquatic Center Youth Season Pass is for individuals less than 48 inches in height. Staff will measure your child when the pass is issued at the aquatic center. If your child measures 48 inches or taller, you will be charged the difference between the regular pass and youth pass at the price rate at the time of purchase. Children turning fifteen months on or after July 1st are required to have a season pass.

Please read the rate information:
Any youth passes purchased now thru March 14th is $55.00
Any youth passes purchased from March 15th thru May 21st is $60.00.
Any youth passes purchased from May 22nd onward is $79.00.